“Without a doubt, Iris Jacob is one of the best diversity facilitators with whom I have had the privilege of working.  Her remarkable knowledge and experience is matched only by her exceptional compassion and tremendous interpersonal skills.  Iris has the unique ability to create a safe environment for people to examine themselves and their institutions as they seek to build more inclusive communities.”  

- Rob Good, NCCJSTL's Inclusion Institute for Educators


“Watching Iris facilitate dialogue with groups about issues of oppression is like watching a dancer catching her groove on stage.  Her sheer ability to captivate her audience and keep even the most skeptical of learners engaged is a skill that is all hers. I have sat on her Anytown staff and her on mine, and I would do so again given the opportunity.”

- Shannyn Vicente, LCSW- Foster Family Support Program Manager, Family Resources Community Action- Woonsocket, RI


“Iris and the team were outstanding facilitators ensuring everyone felt comfortable, welcomed, and inspired.  They created a great learning environment with great opportunity for involvement, allowing the connection between material and instructor to become much more real.”

 –Anti-Racist Teacher Training Institute participant


“Iris has facilitated our Social Justice Institute for student leaders for four years. Each year students are guided through interactive activities designed to challenge their assumptions and experiences with oppression. Iris is wonderful at designing engaging, educational workshops, as well as facilitating emotional and difficult topics. Every year students leave the workshop excited to create inclusive communities and organize for justice.”

Venus Ricks, Director of Multicultural Affairs,  Smith College


I really enjoyed your presentation today. I found it informative and one of the best examples of an open atmosphere I've experienced. I felt that you gave helpful advise about how to combat prejudice and racism that I could implement immediately. Often, I feel like these conversations can lead to feelings of hopelessness but I thought you did a really good job of giving us tools we could use the second we walked out the door. That is a much more hopeful and helpful approach. 

Robin McAnnaly, Residential Advisor, Lebanon Valley College


It has been a long time since I have really felt like I learned something of real value like I did when you were here. It was an incredible opportunity that I am extremely grateful that I had. My perspective and understanding of a lot of race related issues, especially the ones that plague this campus, have shifted dramatically because of what I learned, and I am much more aware and sympathetic of the people that struggle with these injustices every day. 

 Andrew Martz, Residential Advisor, Lebanon Valley College