Trainings that
create change.



Social Justice Synergy

Social Justice Synergy is a national training organization dedicated to the pursuit of justice for all. We provide engaging trainings and interactive experiences grounded in social justice, and work with you to create inclusive relationships within your evolving community. 


Iris facilitated a room full of professional facilitators and blew us away. Our team was given the language and history we needed to continue having important discussions.
— Equal Justice USA


Refocus and Redefine.

We believe in the power of a shared language. In order to work towards justice, we must understand and connect with each other. Social Justice Synergy gives you the confidence and ability to discuss, interact, and take action towards social justice and lasting change. 


Iris Jacob is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker who addresses important issues that are relevant to our times. She helps the audience reflect on their thinking and practices and create solutions that not only improve themselves but also their community. Iris has a friendly, honest, and encouraging character that awakens our compassion and inspires us to act for the betterment of society. Iris Jacob is truly a positive and transformative force, and I hope more people have the opportunity to meet her and learn from her.
— Jenny Jou, teacher DCPS

Happy Clients

Over the past four years, Iris has deftly facilitated the Diversity Fund’s Grant Making team’s selection process and provided strategic guidance to help us make critical funding decisions. Her commitment to social justice and cultural competency is apparent. She always shows up ready to support our process while keeping the larger goal in view.
— Jess Solomon, Director/Founder of Arts in Praxis