About Us

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When we understand how oppressive systems function, we can work to transform them. 

With over 15 years of facilitation experience, Social Justice Synergy understands how to bring transparency to difficult conversations. We believe that progress comes from addressing and re-framing underlying strategies central to the foundation of any organization. Through the creation of a shared language, we enable and empower practices and policies grounded in social justice, so you and your business can work towards transformative change.

 From large trainings, to curriculum development, to executive coaching, our experienced staff provides a safe space to learn and grow. Social Justice Synergy gives you the tools to build within your business and establish an effective foundation for change. 


Why is training so important?

Research has shown that employees who come from different backgrounds often have difficulty relating to or understanding each other. In addition, many training programs mention diversity and cultural competency, but don't truly prepare businesses to understand how to handle these topics. Staff may feel frustrated about the lack of tools to make change. 

As the United States undergoes racial and economic changes, schools and businesses are often the first places to feel the impact. Many of those affected and their families are bombarded with the consequences of gentrification, displacement and ineffective policies. When schools, businesses, and organizations understand these issues they can better support students, staff, and communities.


Who are we?


Iris Jacob

Founder/Executive Director


Iris Jacob is the Founder and Executive Director of Social Justice Synergy, an innovative consulting group that works with organizations and schools to support them in reaching their goals towards inclusion, justice, and respect among peoples.

For more than 10 years, Iris has been training across the United States, collaborating with many organizations to create effective policies and practices. In addition to this work, Iris is an adjunct faculty member in the Women’s Studies Department at Trinity University in Washington DC, where she utilizes a black queer feminist framework to educate her students about complex cultural, political, and socioeconomic issues.

Iris is a mother, an experienced educator, and a leading voice in the DC area for social justice.